Pure aromatic distillates and oils go together. Since Cleopatra we have embraced their essence of sensuality, practical use, and ability to embrace our soul and uplift our spirit. They are offerings from and to the divine.

Numbers are energies that carry vibrations. Each vibration can help to enhance the massage oils in specific ways. Each combination of numbers is different. The ingredients of Dr Gowri’s Oil combinations are there already. 

The numbers and oil name numbers help to combine with the qualities of the Oils to create a unique combination that helps to empower each product.



Number 28 is a highly magnetic energy that helps to enhance rejuvenation and assertiveness. It helps you to achieve your vision.

These numbers highlight intimacy, openness and inspiration.

  • Help you to focus on me time
  • Helps to enhance vitality, focus and sensitivity
  • Inspire heal your mind, body and soul through loving touch
  • Help you to relate to yourself inside and out
  • Help you to create space for your soul to be able to breathe



Number 15 is a sensual, sexual, and inclusive energy that helps you to reflect upon what your mind, body and soul need best. It helps you to see the bigger picture.

  • These numbers highlight sensuality, warmth, and endurance.
  • Helps you to feel good so your natural beauty shines from the inside out
  • Helps you to nourish yourself
  • Helps to enhance inner strength, harmony and wholeness. 
  • Helps you to trust intuition
  • Helps empower your mind, body and spirit to align to its greatest potential for health and wholeness



Number 57 is an uplifting, inspiring and creative energy that helps you to see the best in people and in life. It helps you to question and communicate clearly.

These numbers highlight connection, flexibility, and higher perception. 

  • Helps to uplift your spirit and relax our mind
  • Helps you to laugh, sing, with joy from your soul
  • Helps you to find mental clarity 
    Helps you to make things happen and finish what you start
  • Helps you to pay attention to details


  • Numerology is applied to a Date of Birth, Names, Words, and to general Dates. 
  • Numerology explores: health, lifestyle, career, relationships/ compatibility, karmic patterns, soul consciousness, behaviour, spiritual crisis, baby names, and world situations. 
  • It is also applied to all area of business:  branding, real estate, human resources, marketing, mergers, crisis management, team cohesion, events, etc. 
  • Numerology aligns us to our highest positive potential as Human Beings based upon personal and collective conditioning and consciousness at any given time.