Welcome to expertly nurturing skincare and aromatherapy from Dr. Gowri Motha, the world-renowned pioneer in natural childbirth and wellbeing. 

Dr. Gowri has dedicated her career to ensuring that all her mothers feel supported and cared for, during pregnancy and beyond. She was the first to introduce water birthing to the NHS in 1987, and through her unique Gentle Birth Method, has reached out to thousands of mothers, fathers and babies worldwide. 

Through a combination of science and spirituality, Dr. Gowri’s revolutionary method offers a mix of diet and supplements, self-hypnosis visualisation and emotional bonding, together with the best of Ayurevedic and traditional therapies to prepare the body and mind. 

Essential oils have always featured highly in her work, as something Dr. Gowri is incredibly passionate about. And now through her therapeutic new range, they take centre stage. Her expert, mindful blends give everyone the chance to feel soothed, calm, and cared-for… on every step of life’s journey.

“It’s my joy and honour to be able to help you feel peaceful, empowered and beautifully uplifted by life.”

Dr Gowri Motha