Our ingredients tell a story of experience blended with excellence.

Our organic base oils have been carefully chosen to disappear into your skin. 

For our signature belly oil we have sourced organic, unfiltered, virgin olive oil from our friends in Lesvos, Greece, who personally supervise the cold pressing of freshly picked olives to ensure high quality with low acidity, which is prized in skin care. The olive oil is blended with our quality essential oils to create our highly effective belly oil. 

Our conditioning body oil uses organic fractionated coconut oil as its base oil as this is completely fragrance free and anti-bacterial. This makes it a blank so that you can fully appreciate the beautiful aroma of this essential oil blend. This oil is cocooning and can be used daily to protect your skin.

Our leg and foot massage oil also uses the light organic fractionated coconut oil as its base for easy absorption. Its light texture is pleasing to the touch and feels refreshing. The aroma instantly transports you into a feeling of freshness.